Spiritual Destinations of an Anarchist

This is the second of a two part series of books by Peter Lamborn Wilson that collects essays from the past four decades and tells a story about an anarchist and spiritual life.

Table of Contents

  • Chaos, Eros, Earth, and Old Night (radical neo-hermeticism and ecological resistance)
  • Spiritual Anarchism (topics for research)
  • Anarchist Religion
  • Quantum Chaos and the Oneness of Being (meditations on the Kitab al-Alef)
  • Anarchy and Ecstasy
  • Evil Eye
  • Against Metaphor
  • Secrets of the Assassins
  • Secular Antinomian Anabaptist Neo-Luddism
  • Interview with INTO-GAL
  • Phone Interview with Jacob Eichert
  • Stain Your Prayer Carpet with Wine
  • Summer Camp & Hobo Poetics
  • interview by Antero Alli
  • The Caravan of Summer
  • My Summer Vacation in Afghanistan
  • Roses and Nightingales
  • Grange Appeal
  • 1994 interview with High Times

Author: Peter Lamborn Wilson
Paper, $8.00, 5.5″x3.5″, 160 pages
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