Disruptive Elements


A dense compendium of old and brand-new translations of a dizzying array of names from the individualist anarchist tendency, mostly from early 20th Century France. New translations from Wolfi Landstreicher, Shawn Wilbur, and vincent stone. Anyone who is interested in this tendency, fans of My Own, Enemies of Society, Stirner’s works, etc., will find much to enjoy and fodder for future research in this book.

This collection will take you on an emotional journey from triumph to failure, through the thrill of successful crime and the loss of insurrection. It is an enormous package of texts that will make you wish you lived in France 100 years ago and be thankful that someone did the work to bring that time back to life. This is a book of anarchy and life.

Author: Various
Paper, $6.00, 8″x12″, 292 pages
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