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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ardent Press is a publishing project, that is committed to publishing original anarchist and anti-political works.

There are many existing anarchist publishing efforts. We strongly believe in the anarchist principles of decentralization and diversity, and in this spirit we enter with books for children and adults, books on philosophy, nihilism, sexuality and body image, race, history, and psychology, all from an anarchist and anti-political perspective.

While there are almost as many definitions of anarchist as there are anarchists, ours is one based on a rejection of representation, one based on a radical practice that eschews the political role of the activist, militant or leftist. It means the struggle to steal back the power that we have been dispossessed of, the power to create our lives and not one interested in the politics of petitioning the state to act in our name or waiting on the power of “the people” to rise up on our behalf.

Our books will reflect this spirit.
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